Welcome to UNETMAC

We members of the Uganda Network on Toxic Free Malaria Control (UNETMAC) recognize that, individuals, civil society organizations (NGOs, CBOs etc), academic and research institutions and the private sector can play a positive role in the control of Malaria and realization of sustainable development principles in Uganda based on principles of toxic free approaches and better chemical management practices;

That is why we agreed to ensure cooperation amongst all stakeholders working towards Malaria control and sustainable development and to identify partnerships that may promote social and development equity and to create greater understanding and mutual respect amongst the stakeholders;

We believe that civil society organizations and individuals interested in Malaria control and sustainable development have the means and are endowed with the resources to address the challenges of Malaria control, poverty eradication and sustainable development confronting all humanity;

This is the reason why we are determined to place particular focus on, and give priority to the fight against the conditions that pose threats to human health and sustainable development in Uganda which include communicable and chronic diseases (for example Malaria, HIV/AIDS, and tuberculosis), environmental pollution, degradation, food insecurity and natural disasters;

At UNETMAC, we are fully convinced that, sustainable development requires a long-term perspective and broad based participation in policy formulation, decision making and implementation at all levels, to include women, youths, people with disabilities, the elderly, faith based organizations and under represented groups among others;

We therefore highly believe that, solidarity and partnerships for sustainable development are those entered into on the basis of clearly defined human needs and related goals, objectives and actions for the elimination of disease and poverty reflecting mutual trust, transparency, joint decision making, accountability and a shared vision of a healthy environment.

“Together, we can eradicate malaria sustainably as well as promote a toxic free future”